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Prior to mixing

Tobias Seitz

Your show…

…let me introduce myself. 

My name is Tobias Seitz and I’m a sound engineer… and yes I have heard many alterations of my name: TwoBeers, To Bias or Not To Bias, Tobi Wan Kenobi and so on. Of course you can come up with your own idea. 

Oh by the way - I live in Berlin with my family and I love everything about sound:

Mixing concerts, recording songs, pushing faders and listening to music through really big  PA systems,  traveling the world and hanging out with nice people. And I’m doing this for thirty years now professionally.

I have done small clubs as well as huge festivals. Most of the times mixing from FoH. But sometimes I also live in Monitorworld. All kinds of styles. From quiet to loud…and sometimes it goes to ELEVEN.*

Artists & Bands


Abdullah Ibrahim / Ekaya

Atari Teenage Riot

Bacon Bros feat. Kevin Bacon


Clara Hill

Colin Hay

Cy Curnin


Donnie Munro

Friedrich Liechtenstein Trio

Florian Künstler

Gabriel Gordon


Gustav Peter Wöhler Band

Iain Matthews

Ian McLagan


Lisa Bassenge

Live Demo

Long John Baldry


Miss Platnum


Olli Schulz

Pat Appleton

Pentangle/Bert Jansch


Rick Vito

Rita Chiarelli


Robbie McIntosh


Shock Therapy

Snowy White

Sonarkollektiv Orchester


Telmo Pires

Venus Prayer


Residencies: Quasimodo, SO36, A-Trane, Jazzhaus Freiburg, vs-swingt Jazzfestival, Jazzfest Berlin, ZMF, Ferienzauber RW, 

Hundreds of fantastic one-off shows. TV and radio shows, live recordings

Studio productions for Stuart Staples (Tindersticks), Grossstadtgeflüster, Oceana, Danny Dziuk, Micatone, Nylon, Patrice, Lisa Bassenge, Gabriel Gordon, Edward Maclean to name but a few.

What happened


I was born 1971 in Villingen, Black Forest. 

Long before I ever spent a thought on mixing, I found my passion for music. As a child I loved listening to my radio alarm clock (a cool gadget in the seventies) That led to the first synth (a Yamaha DX21 - still in possession) music lessons (organ/piano) and to first school bands.

After graduating from school I teamed up with local 

PA-Hero Erbse Ebers and soon sat behind the mixing board e.g., at the VS-swingt Jazzfestival. (Under „surveillance“ from producer H.G. Brunner-Schwer of MPS-Records fame) Mixing for artists such as Max Roach, Les McCann, Ray Brown, Chuck Rainey, Kris Kristofferson and many others…


In the early 1990ies I mixed a concert of British R´n´B legend Long John Baldry who asked me to join the tour as his sound engineer. Thanks to this incident I had the opportunity to tour with seasoned bands and artists throughout Europe at an early age. Gathering a wealth of experience.

1993 saw me moving to Freiburg to study sociology. Besides spending hours in lecture halls I went on mixing gigs in concert halls. 

I toured with the likes of Colin Hay of Men At Work, Ian McLagan of the Small Faces/Faces , Iain Matthews/Plainsong, Snowy White and many others.

vintage mixing desks
Power Amp

In 1999 I moved again. This time to Berlin. I joined Freie Universität Berlin but still followed my passion for live sound. After leaving university in 2001 I focussed completely on mixing. When not touring you could also find me working as resident engineer at famed Quasimodo Club and the SO36 for many years. Also doing one offs, TV shows and the occasional corporate gig. With a good friend I opened my first recording studio (South Star Recorder), recorded some pretty good music and played in several bands (e.g. Mobylettes etc.)

I have toured from Japan to Ecuador; from Russia to Chile, the Americas, most of Europe and a lot in between.

In the last couple of years I have also been teaching mixing and recording for different institutions. 


Now and Then

Bacon Brothers
JCB Croatia
with Micatone in London
Dendemann at Olympic Hall Munich
Gustav Peter Wöhler Band
Hotelroom view Tokyo
Alec and me
Holy saussage
like the Beatles
Da Crew!!!
Chuck Rainey, Les McCann, Herbie Mann and some more
photo by Charlie Spieker
Afternoon in Zurich with Bukahara
no I don´t know all the knobs
but most of them
Elphi HH with Gustav
PA of the year somewhere in Scottland
Nightliner Boys
Home of the Caesar´s Salad
enough said...
ATR in Mexico
Nice name and sign for a hotel. Romania
Ballet excercise
FL 3 - Elevator Man
Mixing at the beach in Cannes
Elphi HH
Fantastic food and a fantastic T-shirt
ATR Madrid
Buenos Aires?
Gefell Museum
Gefell Museum 2
where it all started
no words - 11
Dende show
Gaffer tape in the vending machine
Monitor world
What will it be Mr. Drummer?
Stage is ready
with Gustav and Kai to the Hallig
Vintage horns in St. Petersburg
walking through St Petersburg
ICE in ultra wide
Moskau landing strip
Tivoli HH
Iain Matthews Band
with Colin Hay and Franky Mittag up the mountain
the bros.
Snowy and Walter
Souloungeing with Kai, Becky and Ruth
with Papa John King at Stones concert
somewhere in the East
Rita Chiarelli
Nigel Portman Smith and Baby Webster
Shock Therapy
Itchy RIP
Vintage Nightliner
...4 letter word
Olli Schulz Tour 2024

Get In


It doesn’t  have to be the beach in Cannes or Glastonbury festival . I’ll be happy to be your next sound engineer - no matter where. Contact me for your upcoming tour or concert, a chat and everything sound. 






Tobias Seitz

Schenkendorfstrasse 3

* My dream: to mix for Spinal Tap one day. If you know them - let them know! 

10965 Berlin - Deutschland

fon: +49 (0)172 - 71 50 785

mail:  info (at) sonicadventures.de

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